in smoke; in blood

(tendon, muscle, sinew)

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:astrangebeautiful girlwholives across asea, _______'s theme, acting it out, amber-colored glasses&rose-tinted lenses, and(&), ani difranco, animation&film, aware, beauty that hushes, being a warrior, being cold, being in drama clubs, being tangled, being upatun godlyhours, calligraphy&illumination and my handwriting, characteristic clothing, conscious breath, dagny taggart, debussy's melodies, driving for a view, driving windowsdown with music&darkness, empty buildings, epics, everlasting gobstoppers, evoking, eye contact on principle, falling from 13000 feet, fastening&affixing, happy phantom, high collars, horizon;ocean;sky.(and/or), how beethoven's music is, howard roark, hyperballad, illustration, invoking, iona, jaywalking, keen satire (o-so-keen), kinds of stretching, late-night djs, leaves, lightwave, long life vegi, looking up ↑, madeleine l'engle, metaphor, midnight sprinklers, motion and its elements, music makes me shudder, music that accelerates, music that climbs, music that races, music that runs, music through the night, mussorgsky's energy, my cool bike whichwasstolen(thebastards), my hands.on a guitar, my red toolbox, my very painted pants, new sheet music, opening windows, orange enameled metal, other people's memoirs, overly steeped tea, people who work graveyardshifts, personal mythology, piano voices, portraits & portraiture, posture, primary sources, railroad tracks, raspberries, reading aloud, romantic& realistic medieval history, round robins, sacred inscribing of objects&books, sensuality, sharing cupsof hot things, sketchesof peoplewho are imaginary, spanglish&spanish, spine, spontaneity, staring, storytelling & telling stories, strange;sad, suffixes, the book of kells, the fearfuljoyoustension of coloringwithmarkers, the perfect toaster setting, the saddestgirlto everholdamartini, the soundthekeyrack makeswhenyou closeit, the way we fit, things that are clean, things that are flying, things that are glorious, things that are windblown, uncommon heroines, unexpected heroes, veda hille, vince guaraldi's varied beauty, waiting for god, waitingfor filmtobe developed, whether god, white cotton shirts, worship, yes.

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